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  • Experience something personal

    Your sleep habits, your lifestyle, your sleep environment... all of these factors and your personal comfort preferences impact your ability to get a healthy night's rest. The genius of the Cellupedic experience is that it's guaranteed to work for you, because it gives you the highly personalized knowledge you need to enjoy deeper, more replenishing sleep. The Cellupedic experience isn't a product. It's an invitation to learn what it takes to sleep better at night... every night, for the rest of your life.
  • Sleep better knowing you're in bed with the experts

    Cellupedic Sleep Solutions are the product of dedicated research, years of real-world application and a spirit of innovation that's brought comfort and relief to millions worldwide.
  • Create the perfect fit with Cellupedic technology

    Cellupedic uses state-of-the-art SBMI diagnostics to assess your support and alignment needs, and revolutionary Zone Cell technology to help create a sleep solution that's completely custom fitted to your individual body structure and sleep preferences.
  • What's your bedtime story?

    How well do you sleep? Take our quick interactive assessment and tell us your "sleep story". We'll turn your answers into insights about improving your sleep quality.
  • Look who's getting comfortable with Cellupedic

    Everyone loves a winner like the Cellupedic mattress. See who's been spotted giving our "Zone Cell" Technology a try out.
Cellupedic - Official Bed of the Los Angeles Kings